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Now you have found a great Buyers Agent, we want to make sure you have the best team around you, for each property purchase. We have strategic alliances with a great team of professionals, we have handpicked and selected to ensure the best outcome for our clients. You can choose your own professionals or use some or all of the team we have created for you to be able to access, often at discounted rates we have already negotiated for you.


We have access to the most skilled Mortgage Brokers in the industry.

You will be amazed at the discounts and what you can achieve using one of these experienced brokers


Let us put you in touch with a qualified financial planner that can help protect your assets, arrange insurances to protect your family and your property portfolio.


Now you are a property investor you will need a specialised accountant who not only understands property investing, but is an expert in this field


We have professionals in QLD and NSW that can navigate you through the legal process of buying  a property.


We have a great team of pest and building inspectors we have used for years all over NSW and QLD it is essential to have each property you purchase inspected, to avoid costly mistakes. Not only do you get great comprehensive reports, we always insist you get the name and mobile no of the inspector who carried out your inspection so you can ask any questions.


Finding good reliable tradespersons is not always easy. Over many years, we have built a great network of tradespersons to assist you, with a full renovation, cosmetic renovation or just a leaky tap or broken door handle.


Trades we recommend are always very helpful and eager to keep our clients happy as they receive a lot of repeat work from us.



Every investment property under 40 years old should have a depreciation report. If over 40 years and has had a renovation, it should also have a depreciation report.

Our quantity surveyors guarantee to save you more than the cost of the report in the first year.


We have developed alliances with an amazing team of property managers, on the ground thoughout NSW and QLD to look after your investment properties.

Being a referral based business, the best compliment any client can give us is the referral of a friend,

family member or colleague, who would also benefit from our service.

If we can assist any of your family or friends please pass on our details or send us an email 

with their name and number and we will call them to offer our assistance.

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